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2017 (Spring Schedule)

February 10, Melissa memorial concert, Plaza Wellspring, Kansas City (with Shivanand Murthy)


February 26, White Concert Hall, Washburn University, Topeka.

(with Shivanand Murthy)


March 9, University of Toronto.

Talk on Meta mathematical framework for new music.


March 10 Concert at University of Toronto, Toronto.


March 17, 1900 Building, Karbank Place, Kansas City.

(with Jeff Harshbarger on Bass, Amit Kavthekar on Tabla)


 (Title: Meta-mathematical framework for integration of music)


March 18, Indian association, Columbia, Missouri.

(with Amit Kavthekar, Tabla)

April 15, Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas.

Gala event, East meets West.

First part: Indian classical with Amit Kavthekar.

Second Part: with David Balakrishnan, Jazz violin, Jeff Harshbarger, Bass and Amit Kavthekar, Tabla.


April 17: Hall Center for the Humanities. Joint lecture and concert with Jazz violinist and multi Grammy winner David Balakrishnan.


2016 (Fall Schedule)

November 19: Lec/dem/concert Lofty Heights, Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

November 3: Eudora Yoga Center, Eudora, KS. (With with Shivanand Murthy).

October 22: San Francisco (Bhaitak).

October 20: Harmonic Series, Berkeley, California. (with Amit Kavthekar on Tabla)

October 3: Hall Center for the humanities, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. (With Anirban Dasgupta on the Sarod and Supreet Deshpande on Tabla.)

September 23: Kansas City, Missouri. (Date may change)


2016 (Spring Schedule)

June 5: Birmingham, Alabama (Duet with Prasad Mantraratnam)

June 4: Huntsville, Alabama. (Duet with Prasad Mantraratnam)

May 20: Kansas City, Missouri. (with Shivanand Murthy on Mridangam)

May 1: With World Jazz Group “Natraj”, Boston, Massachusetts

April 30: With World jazz Group, “Natraj”, Amazing Things, Framingham, Massachusetts.

April 17: Rutgers University, New Jersey (Sangeet Prabhat)

March 13: Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas.


2015 (Fall Schedule)

Confirmed: Boston, Lawrence, New Jersey, Kansas City, MO and KS


August 7 (private concert) Leawood, Kansas.
(Mridangam: Nagai Sriram from Chennai, India)


September 24
Spooner Auditorium, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
(Tabla: Amit Kavthekar from Boston)
(Guest Artist: Jeff Harshbarger)


September 25
Jazz Club, Kansas City Missouri
(with Amit Kavthekar on the Tabla and Jeff Harshbarger

on the Bass)


September 26
Regnier Hall, Overland Park, Kansas. (IAKC/Vydehi Rao event) (Tabla: Amit Kavthekar from Boston)


October 17
New Jersey
(Duet with Anirban Das Gupta on Sarod and Supreet Deshpande from Pune, India on Tabla)


October 18
Wong Auditorium, MIT (MITHAS event), Cambridge, MA
(Duet with Anirban Das Gupta on Sarod and Supreet Deshpande from Pune, India on Tabla)


November 7
Plaza Wellspring, Kansas City, Missouri
(Mridangam: Shivanand Murthy)


2015 (Spring Schedule)

June 12 (Music and Dance Festival, St. Louis)


April 18 (Toronto Music festival, Toronto, Canada)


April 3 (Cleveland Music Festival, Cleveland, Ohio)


March 13  (Kansas City, Missouri)

(Mridangam: Shivanand Murthy)


February 15 (Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas)

(Tabla: Amit Kavthekar)


February  7 (Overland Park, Kansas)

(Mridangam: Shivanand Murthy)



November 15 (Detroit, Michigan)

(with Rajasekhar Atmakuri and Karthik Venkataraman)


November 3 (Berkeley, CA)

(With Amit Kavthekar)


October 19 (Kansas City, MO)


October 12 (Columbia, MO)

(With Supreet Deshpande)


October 6 (Lawrence, KS)

(With Supreet Deshpande)


April 24 (Lawrence, KS)


April 9 (Park University, Parkville)


March 24 (Berkeley)


March 22 (San Francisco)


March 15 (Boston)


February 28 (Kansas City)

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