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1. Syzygy 8:45
2. Abhogi Varnam 7:56
3. Movement I 6:28
4. Movement II 4:12
5. Movement III 5:13
6. Alabama 8:13
7. Vatapi Ganapatim 17:33
8. Fibration 7:26


Purnaprajna Bangere - Violin I & solo violin
David Balakrishnan -
Violin II
Jeff Harshbarger - Bass
Amit Kavthekar - Tabla
with special guest: Robert Walzel Clarinet (6)​

purna loka ensemble

Indian classical violinist and mathematician Purnaprajna Bangere has created a new musical syntax based on a geometric framework integrating elements of Indian classical music and Western classical, blues and jazz. The result opens new frontiers with exciting new sounds and structures that transcend known genres of music. The Purna Loka Ensemble, Purna's current focus, was formed as a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning violinist and director of Turtle Island String Quartet, David Balakrishnan. Joining Purna and David to complete the ensemble are bass virtuoso Jeff Harshbarger and Amit Kavthekar on Tabla. Their first album, "Metaraga" was released under the Origin Records label on January 17, 2020.

Purnaprajna Bangere and David Balakrishnan discuss the meaning and the math behind the music of "Metaraga"

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