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Indian classical violinist and mathematician Purnaprajna Bangere has created a new musical syntax based on a geometric framework that integrates Indian classical music and Western music, encompassing elements from classical, blues and jazz. The result opens new frontiers with exciting new sounds and structures that transcend known genres of music. Most of his current compositional work of Purna is with multi Grammy winning director of Turtle Island String Quartet David Balakrishnan. Joining Purna and David to complete the ensemble are bass virtuoso Jeff Harshbarger from Kansas City and the talented Amit Kavthekar from Boston on Tabla. Their CD "Metaraga" will appear under the prestigious label "Origin Records" on January 17, 2020.

Jan Radzynski

Distinguished American Composer:

"Just like Conlon Nancarrow, the quintessential American original who lived most of his life in Mexico City, Purna Bangere escapes definition. Although he was born and schooled in Mysore, India, he settled in the United States in 1991 and continued his musical activities as a violin virtuoso and a musical visionary. His vision includes integrating musical elements not only from his native India, but increasingly from his adopted country, the United States. He uses Geometry to do this, which is his other passion. It is that essentially American meeting of cultural crossroads that reflects Bangere's deeply held belief in the brotherhood of humanity. That belief makes this music urgently emotional as it pulls the listener straight into the eye of the emotional storm."