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"I heard your violin playing. You have practiced very well in the famous Parur Style, which was founded by my father Prof. Parur A Sundaram Iyer and perfected by myself and by my brother, World-renowned violin Artist Padma Bhushan M.S.Gopalakrishnan. Purna you have done full justice by learning well this style of violin playing technique, which is followed widely by many in Carnatic music world. You play brilliantly. I sincerely wish you good luck and bright future."


-Sangeetha Kala Acharya and Kalaimamani Parur M. S. Anantharaman

(Seniormost guru of the Parur School)


"Purnaprajna Bangere is without a doubt one of the finest violinists I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, bar none. This is all the more remarkable due to his being a full professor of mathematics at the University of Kansas, where I first had a chance to meet him several years ago. Not only is he one of the finest exponents of the Carnatic violin style of the late MS Gopalakrishnan, his teacher’s teacher, similarly able to draw from both the north and south Indian musical traditions, he is also gifted with the ability to integrate elements of western violin styles of all sorts as well. As such, I consider him to be a formidable talent whose work is of great significance to the ongoing development of a world musical language based on the highest artistic values."

David Balakrishnan, Violinist/Composer, Turtle Island String Quartet, Multi- Grammy award winner


"I am indeed happy to congratulate you for dedicating your great service to the cause of Classical Carnatic Music and with great enthusiasm all these years. I am happy that you have practiced brilliantly and exhibited the Parur style of violin playing and your Sathaka has to be appreciated. With your effort you will reach great heights in the field of music with the blessings of your Gurus and especially Parur Sri M.S.Gopalakrishnan and my father Parur Sri M.S.Anantharaman. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors."


-M. A. Krishnaswamy

(Leading South Indian violinist and an eminent exponent of the Parur School)



"One of the most outstanding features of my 2013 US visit was to meet Dr. Purnaprajna Bangere, one of the finest violinists I have ever met. It was really a wonderful experience to perform with him in Berklee College of Music. He has groomed himself not only as a mathematician but also as a master musician and an eminent violin performer. He has a deep understanding of Carnatic Music as well as Hindustani Music and has the basic capacity of leading violin to a still higher horizon in Carnatic Music. I wish him all success in his mission as well as in his life."


-Praveen Sheolikar

(Leading North Indian violinist)



"Purna's technical brilliance and mastery over the violin, is an envy
of any classical violinist"

-Ben Sayevich, Distinguished Prof of violin, Park University.

"In Purna's exotic and highly original improvisations one can hear not
only the sounds of genuine Indian classical music which is natural as he is a well trained Indian classical violinist, but one can also hear roots of jazz and
contemporary western classical music...amazingly shocking and shockingly amazing virtuosity."

-Gregory Sandomirsky, Associate Concert Master Emeritus, Kansas City Symphony.

"When thinking of Purna, there are three things about him that absolutely amazes me.  His exceptionally brilliant brain in combination with deeply rooted sense of humanity and breathtaking devotion to music, which put most of the professionals into a shame. He is no doubt a brilliant violinist."

-Daniel Veis (Silver medalist, Tchaikovsky Competition Professor of
Cello at Park University, International center of music. Professor of Cello at Academy for performing arts, Prague, Czech Republic)


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